Comwizard Systems was established in February 1998 with an objective of catering to the specialized needs of the emerging market of Co-Operative Credit Sector which provide financial services to individuals, professionals and businessmen.

In the process of providing services to the above sector, we have developed a Banking Software for the Co-Operative Credit Societies, and have successfully computerized the operations of over 300 credit societies across Maharashtra and Karnataka

We believe in providing total solutions to our customers rather than just selling the software, so we have also taken up hardware services for our customers and provide them with custom configured PCs, Intranet & Internet Solutions, Annual Maintenance of Computer Systems, Customized Power conditioning solutions like Online & Offline UPS systems .Data backup and Data Protection Solutions. We also provide CCTV and biometric Solutions

We have implemented non-host-based networks and structured cabling for all the Co-op. Credit Societies.

In accordance with the ever changing technological scenario we have now ventured into development of Responsive and self-managed Websites and Mobile Applications.

Our mobile Application products include EAZY COLLECT- The Mobile Application for daily Collection agents.

Comwizard Systems
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Before you start your Comwizard Systems, you’re sure to have a number of questions about the journey you will soon undertake. Here are crunched numbers about it before comwizard systems even begins.
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Success for all clients so far
Setting and achieving goals and objectives
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Clients consulted in total
Making key decisions and designing success strategies
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Certificates and awards globally
Finding the ideal career/work or business
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Years of coaching experience
Communicating powerfully and succinctly

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