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  • Addition Of New Member (‘A’ class & nominal) name, residence address, office address, native place address etc
  • Share Receipts and Payments entries
  • Member guarantor index
  • A program used to know loan guarantee status of a member
  • Member Status or Member History
  • A program used to know the loan guarantee status of a member, loan and deposit details of the member and sureties to the loan he/she has taken
  • ‘I’ form Register
  • ‘J’ form Register
  • Members resigned and Joining report
  • Dividend : Calculation, Branch Transfer, Dividend disbursement report, dividend balance register(year wise, party wise)


  • New loan application for all types of loan, including vehicle details, insurance policy details, stock details for vehicle and stock mortgage loan. Linking of deposits with against deposit loan
  • Loan installments repayment including instant interest, overdues and penalty interest calculation. Also details of notice and other charges receivable
  • Loan index to search the loan account instantly including previous loan taken name wise.
    Loan overdues report
  • Loan special instructions facility for all loans
  • Loan notice printing and notice dispatch list


  • Adding of new deposits account for all types of deposits like fixed deposit,double deposit,daily deposits including calculation of interest and maturity date
  • Deposit Receipt and Payment entries
  • Calculation of interest on withdrawal including commission recovered on premature daily deposits withdrawal. Easy and instant separation of interest payable and interest paid on premature withdrawal of term deposits
  • Calculation of interest provision during year ending
  • Deposit certificate printing
  • Automatic transfer of installment to loan account from deposit account
  • Deposits balance books
  • Commission calculation on agent collection of daily
  • Deposit index to know details of all deposits held by one person


  • Facility to add new account head
  • Calculation and printing of all cashbooks like loan cashbook, deposit cashbook, miscellaneous cashbook, and shares cash book and daybook [which is a summary of all receipts and  payments under various account heads]
  • Income & expenses voucher entry facility
  • Journal entries including register and printing
  • General Ledger of all account heads
  • Contra entry for entry of cash deposited into bank
  • Trial Balance, Profit and loss Accounts & Balance Sheet
  • Monthly receipts and payments of all heads with journal entries (with adjustments)
  • Monthly receipts and payments with only cash and bank transactions (without adjustments)
  • Branch Progress Report
  • Reports
  • Loan Over dues calculation report including Agent wise, Loan disbursement date wise, installment due wise. Also loan recovery report with address of loanee & guarantors in one report
  • Loan Over dues summary report
  • Balance books of all types of loans and deposits
  • Cash book reports of all types
  • Agent Collection Vs Agent Deposit Report
  • Shares transfer register
  • Deposits Maturity Report

Other Features

  • Signature Scanning with zoom facility
  • Graphical user interface provides quick and easy accessibility to all options
  • Works on all major operating systems like Win7, Win8, Windows 10 Windows 11.
  • Appropriate Security level for all operations.
  • Detailed and accurate reports for all major accounting functions.

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