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Comwiz Core Banking Solution is the cloud based networking of bank branches, which allows Head office to manage their branches from Centralized location, any time.

Members can avail banking services from any branch of the bank. Execution of Core banking system across all branches helps to speed up most of the common transactions of bank and customer. Banking software/application performs basic operations like maintaining transactions, the balance of withdrawal & payment, interest calculations on deposits & loans, etc.

This banking application is deployed on a centralized server & can be accessed using the internet from any location.

Core Banking Solution is deploy
• To meet the dynamically changing market & customer needs.
• To improve & simplify banking processes so that bank staff can focus on sales & marketing stuff.
• Convenience to customers as well as banks.
• To Speed up the banking transactions.
• To expand presence in rural & remote areas.
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  • Complete control over approval / Modification of membership form (‘A’ Class & ‘B’ Class)
  • View of All branch Deposits and Loans on one click
  • 360 degree data view of any branch Member
  • A program used to know the loan guarantee status of a member, loan and deposit details of the member and sureties to the loan he/she has taken
  • ‘I’ form Register
  • ‘J’ form Register
  • Members resigned and Joining report
  • Dividend : Calculation, Branch Transfer, Dividend disbursement report, dividend balance register(year wise, party wise)
  • Generate Customise SMS for Members


  • New loan application for all types of loan, including vehicle details, insurance policy details, stock details for vehicle and stock mortgage loan. Linking of deposits with against deposit loan
  • Loan installments repayment including instant interest, overdues and penalty interest calculation. Also details of notice and other charges receivable
  • Loan index to search the loan account instantly including previous loan taken name wise.
    Loan overdues report
  • Loan special instructions facility for all loans
  • Loan notice printing and notice dispatch list


  • Adding of new deposits account for all types of deposits like fixed deposit,double deposit,daily deposits including calculation of interest and maturity date
  • Deposit Receipt and Payment entries
  • Calculation of interest on withdrawal including commission recovered on premature daily deposits withdrawal. Easy and instant separation of interest payable and interest paid on premature withdrawal of term deposits
  • Calculation of interest provision during year ending
  • Deposit certificate printing
  • Automatic transfer of installment to loan account from deposit account
  • Deposits balance books
  • Commission calculation on agent collection of daily
  • Deposit index to know details of all deposits held by one person


  • Facility to add new account head
  • Calculation and printing of all cashbooks like loan cashbook, deposit cashbook, miscellaneous cashbook, and shares cash book and daybook [which is a summary of all receipts and  payments under various account heads]
  • Income & expenses voucher entry facility
  • Journal entries including register and printing
  • General Ledger of all account heads
  • Contra entry for entry of cash deposited into bank
  • Trial Balance, Profit and loss Accounts & Balance Sheet
  • Monthly receipts and payments of all heads with journal entries (with adjustments)
  • Monthly receipts and payments with only cash and bank transactions (without adjustments)
  • Branch Progress Report
  • Reports
  • Loan Over dues calculation report including Agent wise, Loan disbursement date wise, installment due wise. Also loan recovery report with address of loanee & guarantors in one report
  • Loan Over dues summary report
  • Balance books of all types of loans and deposits
  • Cash book reports of all types
  • Agent Collection Vs Agent Deposit Report
  • Shares transfer register
  • Deposits Maturity Report

Other Features

  • Signature Scanning with zoom facility
  • Graphical user interface provides quick and easy accessibility to all options
  • Works on all major operating systems like Win7, Win8, Windows10, Windows11.
  • Appropriate Security level for all operations.
  • Detailed and accurate reports for all major accounting functions.

Consolidated data (Head office) of Multiple Branches

  • View all branches data in one click
  • Statutory Reports like Cash Reserve Ratio & Statutory Liquidity Ratio
  • Active Member List (Kriyasheel Sabhasad)
  • Export of All Major Reports to Excel
  • KYC Norms for All Members / Account Holders
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Detailed and accurate reports for all major accounting functions.
  • Account Holders Post Dated Cheques
  • Cheque Printing and Cheque Book/Cheque Issue Register
  • Deposit Certificate Printing Register
  • Receipt Printing and Voucher Printing
  • Standing Instructions

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